Streamline the fiduciary process

Forge stronger relationships between advisors, sponsors and providers.

Plan Advisor Features

Fiduciary review and research

With PlanAdvisor, investment advisors and managers can review plan investments more efficiently. PlanAdvisor integrates data from multiple sources, including:

  • Morningstar monthly data feeds, including mutual fund, money market fund, exchange- traded fund, Morningstar categories and index data
  • On demand plan, investment and balance data from FIS’ Relius and Omni, as well as Schwab Retirement Technologies and Mid Atlantic Users can create plans within PlanAdvisor for plans that may not be on the recordkeeping platform
  • Trading platforms for fund availability, revenue sharing and sub-transfer agent fees Users can import custom trading platforms data for those not currently on PlanAdvisor

Utilizing customizable scoring thresholds and fund lists, advisors can quickly review fund performance data, propose alternate investment options and generate reports for plan sponsors. Advisors can also grant sponsors access to the Sponsor Portal, where the sponsors can:

  • Review investment data for a particular review period
  • View generated reports
  • Approve or reject proposed alternate investment options

408(b)(2) compliance

Utilizing the same data sources used for the fiduciary review process, TPAs can also quickly generate reports designed to help satisfy 408(b)(2) compliance, including:

  • Investment expenses, 12b-1 revenue sharing and sub-transfer agent fees
  • Services provider-level fees, including:
  • Service classification
  • Paying entity:
  • From plan assets
  • Billed to sponsor
  • Indirect Compensation (paid by another service provider)
  • Glossary of terms

404(a)(5) compliance

Additionally, PlanAdvisor provides services to assist with 404(a)(5) compliance, including:

  • All required investment data from Morningstar to use in participant-level reporting, including the required comparative chart
  • Website containing required investment data Participant reports generated from your recordkeeping system can leverage this data to eliminate the labor-intensive process of periodically updating investment return and expense data.

Prospect proposals

PlanAdvisor also includes a proposal module to assist with preparing reports for both new and takeover plans, including:

  • Importing current investment and balances
  • Adding a mapping strategy for reallocating current investments to proposed investments
  • Calculating current and proposed fees based on account balances, participants and transaction counts Reports clearly outline current and proposed investments and fees to allow you to effectively communicate your organization’s advantages and cost savings.

Fee benchmarking

PlanAdvisor enables the user to create reports that compare plan provider fees, as well as investment quality and costs, to plans with similar levels of assets and participants.