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PlanAdvisor is a powerful web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) model solution for recordkeepers, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), advisors and consultants, servicing company-sponsored retirement plans. Complete with dedicated service and support, we enable you to better manage and grow your business.

We’ve replaced the burdens of retirement planning that you usually face with the freedom to spend more time interacting with your clients. By integrating data from multiple key sources across all of our modules, users can easily perform fiduciary review, compliance and due diligence functions, as well as fee benchmarking and report generation – translating into significant time- and cost-saving.

PlanAdvisor is the Solution.

Integrating investment, plan and platform data from key sources empowers you with a single user interface for:

  • Investment expenses, 12b-1 revenue sharing and sub-transfer agent fees
  • Services provider-level fees, including:
    • Service classification
  • Paying entity:
    • From plan assets
    • Billed to sponsor
    • Indirect compensation (paid by another service provider)
  • Glossary of terms
  • Comparison data is from real plans entered by PlanAdvisor users to satisfy fee disclosure compliance requirements

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  • On demand plan, investment and balance data from FIS’ Relius and Omni, Schwab Retirement Technologies (SRT) and Mid Atlantic
  • Access trading platforms for fund availability, revenue sharing and sub-transfer agent fees
  • Import custom trading platform data for platforms not currently on PlanAdvisor
  • Compare provider fees and investment costs for prospects
  • Import current investment and balances
  • Add a mapping strategy for reallocating current investments to proposed investments
  • Calculate current and proposed fees based on account balances, participants and transaction counts
  • Generate customized reports that clearly outline current and proposed investments and fees to effectively communicate your organization’s advantages and cost savings
  • Online errors automatically sent to support team
  • Proactive contact from support team regarding online issues or errors
  • Grant sponsors access to review reports.

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